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Indi from WA Australia (Apr 2014)
Hi my name is Indi . I love to dance and sing well not much of singing. I have one brother called Jet he is 10 turning 11 this year I am 9 turning 10 next year birthday is February the 1st . I have two kittens one is Maxie one is genie.I would love to find a boy on this . So any boys that are interested please contact me .
P.S I am looking for a boy that is 9 :-D
Nikayah from United States (Apr 2014)
Hi I'm looking for a penpal I an a girl and I like Make-up and a whole lot of other stuff I would like to have someone that could be my friend away from home! OH and by the way I'm 12 years old and in 7th grade. hope to write to you
Paige from Wales (Apr 2014)
Hello I'm looking for a penpal to write to who lives in australia. I'm 12 years old and a girl. I'm moving to australia so I would like to Know more about the life in australia. Mail me if interested!!
Lily Gaine from Uk (Apr 2014)
Hi I'm not really looking for a penpal but was wondering if anyone from the US would like to do a makeup swap if so please email me â¤ï¸
Amy from Uk (Apr 2014)
Hi there I'm not really looking for a pen pal but would like to do a nail art swap with someone?
Sophie Grace from Ireland (Apr 2014)
Hello my name is Sophie, I am 9 years old.I live in Ireland,I like playing my violin,I want a friend that's from a different country to know what its like! :)
Shakiya from England (Apr 2014)
I am 11 years old I would love to have a penpal from all over the world but I don't mind if you are from England. I check my emails everyday so fell free to email me.
Elisha from england (Apr 2014)
hi my name is Elisha
Sheridan from South Dakota (Apr 2014)
I am 10 years old. Im looking for someone to write to. I'll always wanted a PenPal. This is good for kids so they can write and make new friends
Indi from WA Australia (Apr 2014)
Hi my name is Indi I am 9 and I live in WA my hobbie or actully my sport is dancing I have always dreamed of being a dancer.i am in grade 4 in school and I hope to meet you people out there :-)
Ellie from England (Apr 2014)
Hi I'm Ellie I'm 12 and I would like a penpal that is always up for a good chat I don't care how old you are as long as your not older than me :)
imesha from srilanka (Apr 2014)
hi i am imesha i like ti have a penfriend my age is 14 and may hobbies are watching films listening to songs and reading ghost books
Ishini from Srilanka (Apr 2014)
I am Ishini, I like to have a penfriend.Im 13 years old. My hobbies are collecting stamps , stickers , feathers and doing gardening. Please e-mail me if you are interested to have me as a penfriend.
Jocelyn from USA (Apr 2014)
Hello my name is Jocelyn. I'm 20 and from southern Califronia. I'm a super girly girl. I like baking & cake decorating, Disney, Hello Kitty, crocheting, Netflix, and the list could go on. I like to use kawaii stationary and send postcards with letters because I travel a lot. I'm also interested in small swaps if you're up to it. I'm up to having snail mail penpals from anywhere. But I'd really like to have penpals from Europe, Asia, and South America. I would also really love to have a penpal from Japan. GIRL PENPALS ONLY, PLEASE!! Email me if you're interested! :)
Xavier from Australia (Apr 2014)
Hello my name is Xavier and I am looking for a pen pal. I am male and 10years old
Garrison from United States (Apr 2014)
I'm looking for a child to be a pen pal (snail mail) with my 10 year old son.
Jannel from England (Apr 2014)
my name is Jannel I am 13 and I like dancing and gymnastics and my friends and iPhones. if you want to message me my kik is cookiemonstar041
Instagram: xjannelx
Carmen from Holland (Apr 2014)
hello I'm carmen and am 11 years old I'm looking for a pen friend I love horses dogs dolphins draw designs and sewing and reading do you want me alsje EVALUATE flours I'll tell you still more about me
preferably carmen

Ps I can also english
Annella from USA (Apr 2014)
I'm a twelve year old girl looking for a pen pal around my age! I love horses, I own many. I am open to talk about anything!
Please feel free to email me. I'd love to talk to people from other places.
chloe morgan from United States (Apr 2014)
hey i need a penpal to talk to
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