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arianna constant from United States (Apr 2014)
Hi I'm Arianna but people call me Ari. I love art, shopping,texting,my social media,etc. I'm weird and funny all in a good way. I'm open sometimes I'm single so yup that's me. :-D
Bayleigh from United States of America (Apr 2014)
Hello I am Bayleigh. I am from America. I like swimming, singing, and dancing. Feel free to email me.
Sven from Germany (Apr 2014)
Hello. I am Sven and i am 12 years old. I like Soccer, tennis, Stunt scooter... I am Looking for a penpal Boy in Great britain WHO also like Sports, Music ... I am happy to receive soon a Email from you. XD sven
Noah from Netherlands/Barbados (Apr 2014)
Heyy ! I'm Noah, and I've never had a penpal so I thaught to myself, why not and try it :p
I am from the Netherlands but I moved to Barbados a year ago. My hobbies are mainly drawing, surfing, swimming, gaming, hanging out with friends,parties, cinema, and more xD. I'm 14 years old and I'm looking for a penpal (girl) to chat with and whatever penpal includes. So yeah, I hope to hear from you soon,
ashman from illions (Apr 2014)
i like to play football and scooter
Fasal from Srilanka (Apr 2014)
I never had penpals and I like to have to have one
Aura from (Apr 2014)
Hi i am Aura 14 y/o
i looking for pen friend and good friend
Contact me
Kik : Aurapurple2
Instagram : auralestari / Aura Penpal
I looking friend under 17
Priscilla from United States (Apr 2014)
Hello, my name is Priscilla, and I'm 12 years old. I'm homeschooled, and I
love to read and write, and I want to be an author. I also really love singing but I am shy so I don't sing very much. Please email me if you want to be pen pals.
Madalyn Reaves from United states (Apr 2014)
well lets see I'm in track,I love music,cooking,and nature like camping,bon fires,water falls,ect. I'm 12 and in 6th grade.
Ellie-Mae-Jevva from United Kingdom (Apr 2014)
I am ellie, 12 years old from england, i love dancing and singing, anything creative in general, please send me an email if you would like to be penpals, thankyou for your time x.
Illianna from Scotland (Apr 2014)
Hey I'm illiannA and I want to meet friends a lover the world
Anita from België (Apr 2014)
Heey ik ben anita.
Ik ben 12 jaar, maar ik word deze zaterdag 13jaar.
Mijn hobby's zijn : Dansen,zingen,babbelen,lachen en acteren.
Ik doe ook drama, en woord.
En ik droom er heeel lang over om actrice te worden.
Ik zoek een penvriendin , die dezelfde intressens als mij heeft.
dus.. :)

xx anita
jacob escalante from United States (Apr 2014)
Hello my name is jacob I'm 14 years old and i would like to make friends from other parts of the world I'm an athlete I;m a wrestler and a boxer
Eva Lee from Canada (Apr 2014)
Hello ^^ I'm Eva from Canada and I'm 13 years old !
I love Kpop ( korean music ) and I love all about south korea I listen to music, I sing and I dance all the time!
I'll like to have a cool and sociable friends.
In my city we speak french and english and I try to learn korean ;) please send me a mail ~
Brenton from Australia (Apr 2014)
Hello I'm brenton, boy, I'm aged 14 and want to move to the United States, I love skateboarding so much I skate every day and I would be happy if my pen pal was in california.
Madelyn Wilson from USA (Apr 2014)
Hello everyone I am 12 years old and would love a penpal to talk to. Honestly I like mailing letters instead. It makes it more interesting. I am a girl in the 7th grade and I love music and singing and of course my family. Have a nice day!!
Annalise from Uk (Apr 2014)
Hi I am Annalise and I am 8 years old I like to ride my horse Silver star.
I have twin sisters who are very cheeky.
I would like a penpal round about the same age as me
I am a girl.
Kim so yeon from south Korea (Apr 2014)
Hello,I am kim so yeon I'm from S.Korea! (English name : Bell)^^
My age is 15 in Korea, and I am a airl.
My hobby is listening to piano songs, and playing with my pet.
I am so active,and l liken soccer.
My pet is parrot and rat (kind of smart rat.)
If you inrerested about me, pls give me a mailâ¥
Thank you ;)
(I don't mind if you are boy!)
Rianne from nederland (Apr 2014)
Hey ik ben rianne ik ben net 13 jaar geworden ik zoek een leuke vriendin waar ik mee kan lachen ik houd van dieren en mijn favo kleur is roze ik zoek een vriendin tussen de 11 en 13 jaar oud ik hoop dat iemand reageert xx rianne
Heaven from U.S.A (Apr 2014)
Hello!, My name is Heaven smith and I am a southern girl from North Texas! I Love anime, manga, history and stuff like Japanese stuff! Also Koren stuff too! I also love music! I am 12 years old!
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