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Dr.Hawkins Robert from USA (Jul 2016)
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Anthony Leccese from USA (May 2016)

My name is Anthony John Leccese, I'm new on the dating scene. I'm simple, caring, honest and fun to be with. I'm searching for a truthful and honest partner since am retiring this year i will like to live the rest of my life happily married again so i really want to meet someone. I will love to communicate more through my private email address. The reason is that i am not use to browsing on this dating site. Please kindly contact me through my email address ( for us to get to know each other better since i often check my emails.

Looking forward to read from any nice person here so that we can share pics..

Gen. Anthony John Leccese
John Morrison from USA (May 2016)
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Rosie from Canada (Jun 2014)
I'm looking for one or two new friends who like to exchange snail mail (and emails) on a fairly regular basis. Short or long letters are okay with me as I know how busy life can be.

I'm in my later 30's and I work full time. In my spare time I like to read, watch movies, travel, listen to music, craft, shop, cook, take photos, and hang out with friends and family. I love to learn new things everyday and am very curious about people around the world and their stories.

I would love to hear from ladies only please around my age (35-50), from anywhere. I am in a relationship with no children but don't mind if you have a completely different lifestyle.
Lynda from U.S.A. (Jun 2014)
Mid 40's customer service rep, in search of friends worldwide. Facebook, snail mail, twitter, Instagram. Take care, and have a good one.
susnaw from Sweden (Jun 2014)
Am a 55 years old female who are looking for serious friends in the ages 40-65.

My hobbies are general,some of them are reading, solve crosswords, knit.

I am not looking for friends in Africa or Asia, or those who are asking for money or help.

Dee from USA (Jun 2014)
Greetings, I'm a 37 yr old female in search of regular chatty pals ( please have handwriting I can read!. I'm unmarried with no children. Interests/likes- music ( metal, goth, punk), reading, art, history, Charles Bukowski, cozy mysteries, cats, cooking/baking, tattoos, Bruce Campbell, photography, classic Hollywood, film noir, life, postcards, conversation, weird things, Bettie Page, Converse, and many other things. :) please have similar likes/interests and I do not play 'stamps back'.
Sarah from Switzerland (Jun 2014)
Hi ladies,

I'd love to have female penpals who are willing to write via snailmail.

I'm a creative, open-minded person with lots of interests and hobbies, most to do with art, handicrafts, paper, music, philosophy, psychology, history, nature, etc.

I'd like to share ideas with other women, telling about our lives in different countries. I'd love to write to people from Europe or USA, Australia, Canada, Japan.

Women only, aged between 40 and 60.

Pls. present yourself shortly: what are your interests, hopes and opinions in life? Do you have a motto? Thus it'll help me find out whether we might match. Thanks ladies.

Then I will give you my address with pleasure. Are you willing to start first with a paper letter to me? From me you will get colourful,individually created paper letter as I'm a big lover of paper stuff.

Have a beautiful day.
Martha from Malawi (Jun 2014)
Am 34 years, am marrried and am looking for pen pals that want to correspond on line, i love sports, music, making flowers
Margo Taylor from Canada (Jun 2014)
love to have pen pals hobby making flower pens & Christmas candy sleighs
Tamara from usa (Jun 2014)
I am 37 years old. I am married and have three children. I am looking for pen pals that want to correspond online. I love sports,being outdoors, photography, music and I love writing letters. Hope to hear from you:)
Molly from USA (Jun 2014)
Hi all
I'm 51 and live in the Midwest. I enjoy reading, photography, crochet, animals, music, hiking, nature and more.
I'm single, have 3 grown kids, and 4 grandkids.
I'm looking for just a couple of email (only) pals. I do snail mail but have all of those I can afford since postal rates keep going up.
I like to share everyday life and make new friends. Please put epal in subject. Hope to hear from you :)
Petra from Nederland (Jun 2014)
Hey you there .......

I am a woman of 43 years and am happily married and together we have a kind.Ik come from Netherlands. I likes to write letters (no form letters) nice write about anything and everything, or make fun snails ....
Who likes to write back and forth?

Let me tell you something about myself ..... I am 43 years old and full moeder.Naast family life and household, I work as a volunteer in between school care for children, I do three days a week.
I am also very creative with making snails, 3D cards, gardening, baking, scrapbooking and fine crafts or drawing with children, walking or cycling in the countryside.

So if you're interested, be prepared to write the first letter. It does not matter to me where you live; Europe, USA, Asia or any other place. I'd like to talk about daily life, hopes, dreams, hobbies, etc.
For me it is important to be openminded without judging anyone;
agree that we can disagree and respect each other.
If you are interested then climb up the pen and write me?
Send me an e-mail with a brief introduction about yourself then you get my address.
Hope I hear something soon .......
Snail Mail from Japan (Jun 2014)

I am 35 years old woman from Japan!

I Love writing and reciving letters so much!

I also love cute and kawaii things so much! So i love to write in cute letter papers ! i also love cute stickers!!!

I like penpal life so much!writing letter is my favorite time! ^^ so let's talk many topics of our life,up and down etc..

I love books,music,green,nature,cooking,baking, cakes,doughnuts and crepes so much! so kawaii! ^^
i love cooking,too! so now i'm interseted in foods of many countries!

let's be penpals and exhange letters!

( i had stopped writing letters for one year on last year. so I'm so Sorry for all my penpals.. i had so bad and sad experience in last year so i had not had any power to write... >< but now i get fine and just start to penpalling! I'm so Sorry for all my penpals on last year!!! )
Susanne from Sweden (Jun 2014)

I am 55 years and live outside Stockholm, Sweden.
Am looking for new friends, in the ages 35 -60.
My hobbies are general, but read a good book, solve a crossword or staying outside when the weather is great are never wrong.
Snailmail or e-mail does not matter
Sharon from U.K (Jun 2014)
Hi, I'm looking for penpals who want to correspond by email please. I am 60 years of age, happily married and retired. I love to read, correspond, I attend a gym 3 times a week, love to be active. I watch occasional t.v but it has to be interesting. I have an eclectic taste in music, my fave at the moment is Paloma Faith. I live in a village in an area of quite a lot of history which I'm happy to share. Love learning about different countries and cultures. I always seem to have plenty to write about. We are in the middle of extending our home so I'd like someone to chat to,take my mind off the mess and upheaval, swap ideas, have a giggle and someone who appreciates the beauty around us.
Female penpal from Sweden (Jun 2014)
I am beginning to wonder whether there exist any more like me; serious letterwriters who write rather long, not shallow and REGULAR ordinary letters and in that way wish to develop and establish a proper, female, LONGTERM friendship??? ABOVE ALL; A GENUINE INTEREST IN THE OTHER PERSON AS WELL AS OTHER COUNTRIES is also wanted! I live in Sweden but I do NOT wish those who live in Africa or Asia or USA to answer on my ad, I have my reasons for that and you simply have to respect that. I also only wish FEMALE answers since I live in a stable relationship since many, many years. I love animals a lot and I have got two beloved pets so if you at least like animals too it is very good. NO BEGGERS, I AM RATHER POOR MYSELF! I like to read and to watch telly, listen to music,travel if only I could afford to, go for bike tours, spend time in the nature; parks and forests and to visit zooligical parks too. I am very curious indeed of other cultures and countries and their traditions for instance. A sense of humour is also a very big plus! If you do not have a GENUINE, SERIOUS interest please do NOT answer my ad and waste my time, quite enough people have done that already!
Akiko from Japan (Jun 2014)
Hi, I am Akiko, 41 years old, female, from Japan.
I'm looking for a long-term friend.
I have two dogs.
I'm studying English and Chinese now.
My hobbies,reading, writing, shopping, doing aerobics, watching musical, driving, taking pictures,etc.
Bev from Australia (Jun 2014)
Hi I'm a happily married mum of from Australia who would love some more snail mail pals from all over the world. I have a wide range of hobbies including reading watching a huge fan of game of thrones. My other hobbies are scrap booking card making and heaps more. I am looking for pals from all over the world. I am especially looking for pals from Ireland Greece Etc I am also willing to write to long serving inmates. Hope to hear from you soon.
Bailey from USA (Jun 2014)
Looking for friendly, fun and positive female for honest and fun communications. No expections of any kind, I lied, maybe friendship with person who understands the importance of just being yourself. Hey friend, look forward to your communications. Stay positive!!!
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