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Michelle (36) from

Welcome to the penpal section of! This category is for penpals age 35 and over.

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Stuck for things to write about? Here are a few ideas:
- Your name, age and country
- Your hobbies, what do you enjoy doing?
- Have you been penpalling for long?
- Name some of your interests
- What are you looking for in a penpal? Email or snail mail? Long or short letters?

Happy penpalling!

Michelle from

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Bev (39) from Australia:

Hi all,

I'm a mum of 4 from sunny QLD Australia who would love pals from Ireland, Russia, Greece, and other parts of the world. I have a wide variety of hobbies and interests including.....reading.....I am a big Tolken and George RR Martin fan to name a few. Other things I enjoy are scrap booking card making horse back riding, pall I g and much more. I would perfer my pals to be female too. Hope your having g a great week.

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Ellen (61) from USA:

My name is Ellen , I am 61 married, from the USA. I love to read horror and historical novels, science fiction, history, cats, collecting cat stuff,camping(in a tent not an RV)' swimming in the lake by the campsite, and museums. No one from Africa asking for money;I will not answer.

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Molly (51) from USA:

I am single with three grown kids and four grandkids. I enjoy reading, photography, crocheting, hiking, music and more. I want to talk about everyday life, what’s going on with you, what’s going on with me. Would like to have real friendships laughing together, crying together, and cheering each other on… conversations not copies of “your to do list”. Because of rising postal rates I am interested in email pals only at this time. Hope to hear from you

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Lynda (48) from U.S.A.:


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alison (58) from england:

hi looking for penpals in europe and usa my hobbies are craft work card making gardening local history most things

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Pauline (40) from USA:

Hi there!
I'm looking for medium to long snail mail penpals to correspond with and to chat with about life, interests, etc. I'll be 41 this August and a single parent to a teen (girl) and currently living in Las Vegas - the famous one, not the one in New Mexico, lol (Sorry, had a few international pals thought the one in NM was the famous one). A few interests of mine: books, movies, sci-fi, history, travel, postcards, concerts, and quite a few others. Cheers!

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Lesley (35) from United Kingdom:

Hi Everyone,

My names Lesley and I live in Staffordshire in the UK. I've room for some more pals and would love to hear from you. I'm 35 and have a partner and 2 girls aged 8 and 10. I've been penpalling for 12 years now and just love it. I've made some wonderful friends who I just adore. I work for a domestic abuse charity offering women and children refuge. Its an amazing job and I love it. I'm not a demanding penpal but would prefer people who write chatty letters rather than those who write only 1 or 2 pages. I like to get to know my pals well and can find it hard if people don't write much. As for anything else well I don't mind, use whatever pens, paper etc you like. I'm easy going! If you'd like to write then please just drop me an e-mail and I can give you my address :)
Lesley xxx

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Gill (53) from United Kingdom:

Hello Everyone.
My name is Gill, I am 53 years old & I live in Cheshire with my husband & son aged 13 years. I have been pen paling for several years but have had to stop due to family health problems & I would love to get back to snail mail letter writing again. I still have a few friends that I have been writing to for sometime but I really would like a few more good friends now.
I am a full time carer for my son & my husband has poor health but we still try to do lots as a family.
I do like good letters that are of a decent length not very short ones, which give no information or description. I will answer all letters & hope to make some great pals from this.
If you would like to write to me please write to my email address & I will forward my address.
Thanks, Gill.

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snail mail (35) from Japan:


I am 35 years old woman from Japan.

I love writing letters so much! so penaplling is one of my big hobby!

i want to talk and share our dairy life,up and down with you. i want to have pals especially from Australia and finland but welcome from any other country!

beside it, i like books,music,cooking,baking,green,nature,sweets,fake sweets,doughnuts,cakes and crepes so kawaii! etc....

i also love cute,kawaii so much! i like sanrio and kamio japan! i am so happy if you love kawaii and we can talk about that world!

Thank you!

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