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Michelle (36) from

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Stuck for things to write about? Here are a few ideas:
- Your name, age and country
- Your hobbies, what do you enjoy doing?
- Have you been penpalling for long?
- Name some of your interests
- What are you looking for in a penpal? Email or snail mail? Long or short letters?

Happy penpalling!

Michelle from

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Dunja (37) from Holland:


Im 37 yrs old and live in Holland.and love penpalling..
Just looking for some penpals! Plz only in Europe esp
Holland and England.Ireland and spain..
Hope to hear from you!

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Molly (51) from USA:

Hello all, I am looking for a couple new pen pals (snail mail). My earlier ad was requesting just epals but now I am open to both. I'm a mom of 3, Nana of 5 with new one expected in May.
I just want to chat, get to know others and their corner of life.
I enjoy reading, photography, snow storms, hiking, and crochet to name a few. Would love to hear from other crocheters but if you don't no worries.
I love animals, have a cat, a Betta, and a very entertaining dog I just adopted from a shelter.
Hope to hear from you.

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Danielle (41) from The Netherlands:


I am Danielle and i am 41 years old.
i am married and have 2 children. I live in the Netherlands.
I am looking for some new penpals all over the world. only female penpals. I love to write letters.
I have a lot of hobby's and i am working as a nurse.
Well will you know more about my person. please give me a message and we can exchange addresses.

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Catherine (46) from Greece:

Hello!My name is Catherine and I'm 46.I'm looking for female penpals from all over the world,by snail
mail or e-mail,who are around my age and share at least some of my interests,which include:
letter writing_of course!_reading,writing in general,music,cinema,cross stitching,collecting things like cute stationery,postcards e.t.c.,photography,animals....I don't mind if our interests are not very similar,I want to make real friends with whom I can discuss anything and share ideas.I love
long letters and I want people who intend to stay for a long time,not just a couple of letters.I'll be
waiting,guys!(I forgot:I'm Greek and living in Greece)

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Lauren (43) from United States:

Hi! I'm a longtime swap and pen pal addict who got out of those things for a while. I miss my days of pen pals, friendship books, sticker swaps, crochet swaps and the like, so I'm hoping to find a few new snail mail pen friends!

I am a 43 year old Christian lady, and I live in Texas. I don't have children, but I have a dog and 2 cats. Molly is a 10 year old chihuahua/doxie mix. My kitties are Daisy and Penny. And, as embarrassing as it can be, I treat them just like kids. I love to read (everything from Christian self help like Lysa Terkeurst to Austen to Shakespeare), write, watch movies, crochet, and spend time with friends and family.

I have a degree in English, specializing in Shakespearean drama, and have worked a myriad of jobs, from telemarketing to newspaper editor...and I STILL don't know what I want to be when I grow up!

My grandmother (my dad's mother) is who initially got me so addicted to pen pals and friendship books. My FIRST pen pal ever, though, was when I was in 4th grade. Our class got pen pals as part of a lesson in proper letter writing. My pen pal was a girl my age who lived in Zambia, Africa. Her father was a missionary there. I'm not sure how we fell out of touch, but I often wonder how she is. Then in high school, my grandmother, who was an avid pen paller, asked me if I would like to write to one of her pals who was around my age. I did, and from there a hobby grew. I had my pen pals ~ nearly 100 at one time! ~ through most of college. When my school work demanded more time and attention, I sadly had to say goodbye to my pen pals.

I miss those days of pen pals and swaps...and those friendships greatly, though, and I hope to find new friends and fellow swappers!

"I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me." - Gal. 2:20

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Leslie (36) from United States:

I had one short lived penpal in elementary school but I still have the letters. I'm a librarian and love to do research- I never tire of the search. I'm fairly housebound due to a bunch of acronyms and a bad back surgery but I'm better than my worst day. I have a lot to be grateful for including family and friends who remind me I have a competitive spirit to give 100% every day and not let my circumstances define me. I have two Bichon princesses, Snow White and Belle, studied in Germany and taught English in Austria, enjoy spending time with friends, doing needlework and puzzles, watching BBC murder mysteries and documentaries and I love to laugh. I'm starting to read again after years of eye problems but I like hearing about good books. I find most topics interesting and a few years started a second masters in History of Decorative Arts, which I loved learning about. I find strength in my faith and helping others. I'm very recently separated and looking for ways to make new connections.

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Daye (35) from USA:

Hi! I am a Brownie Girl Scout Leader for a troop of 10 girls in Northern Michigan USA...we are currently working on a journey that focuses on discovering and connecting with girls around the world. I am looking for several girls from all over the globe their age (7-10) for them to pen with... I would really like to provide them each with a pal on World Thinking Day (2/24/15)... I have in total 10 Daisy Scouts (5-6yrs), 10 Brownie Scouts (7-9yrs), 5 Cadets (9-12), 5, Jr Scouts (12-14) & 5 Seniors (14-17)... I know time is short! Thank you so much!!!

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Bianca (37) from The Netherlands:

Hi There

I'm a 37 year old married mom of 2 kids. I'm From The Netherlands. Looking to pick up an old hobby of mine : penpalling. I prefer snailmail. Seems everything goes by computer these days. But occasional emails is fine too. The kids getting bigger now and unfortunatly i lost my job last October. So time is on my side.
Normally i'dd say i want to write to Females only, but if you respect the fact i'm married and only look for friendship men are welcome to write aswell.

I'dd like to keep it in Europe for now especially from the UK.

I like doing things with my family, go visit friends, watching tv ( mostly police and crime shows and medical stuff ), i like Formula 1 and watch darts. Listening to music from metal to pop.

Well anyways if you´re interested pls let me know



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Hilary (52) from United Kingdom:


My name is Hilary, 52 and live in the UK. Looking for pen pals from any where
in the world as long as it's via regular snail mail.
My interests are reading, walking, collecting postcards and I really enjoy anything to do with Walt Disney.
I am happily married and have three children and a few pets.

If interested please reply and hopefully we can exchange addresses.


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