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Michelle (36) from

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Stuck for things to write about? Here are a few ideas:
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- Your hobbies, what do you enjoy doing?
- Have you been penpalling for long?
- Name some of your interests
- What are you looking for in a penpal? Email or snail mail? Long or short letters?

Happy penpalling!

Michelle from

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Joyce (58) from USA - Maine:

Good morning (I will use this since it is my favorite time of day), I am hoping to find someone who enjoys email exchanges. Unfortunately I have more time on my hands than I can fill. I love to converse on things about our inner self: our spirit (intuition, inspiration, motivation . .).

I sustained a traumatic brain injury years ago and I feel it opened some channel within me that enables me to see life differently. I do not wish to write about religion. I do not believe there is some god-thing orchestrating the universe. After years of study, I am convinced we have far more abilities stored within our subconscious than mainstream understanding (as a glove) has accepted. I absolutely believe there are universal forces which do affect us differently. And begins from birth somehow.

I would love to converse with anyone with similar beliefs. This seems to be my purpose and I can't explain why. Probably because I have nothing else to offer this world.

I shall end this now and hope there is another human, somewhere, that has the time to write.

Thanks ~

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Jamie (45) from United States:

My name is Jamie Ann I am 45 and I live in Bay City, Michigan. I am married and have 2 daughters and 1 son....ages 26, 20, and 16. I live on 40 acres and have a hobby farm with 4 horses, a chicken, various barn cats, and a dog name Charlie. When I was 7 years old my grandmother, who I was very close with, moved to Alaska. When she left I told her I didn't want her to go she said if you write to me we will stay in touch and we wrote like clockwork for 30 years until she passed away. I miss the exchange of letters terribly. I hope to find a pen pal who enjoys exchanging letters with me. I am not a religious person, I enjoy many hobbies from collecting vintage postcards, sewing, baking, many different crafts, gardening, etc. I was a flower shop owner and florist for 10 years so I have a love of flowers. I have never been outside of the U.S. But love hearing of far away places as many family members are travelers. Thank you..... ;)

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Kelly Toonen (44) from Australia:

Kelly(43) Australia
I'm looking for snail mail letter writers that want to write regularly not once every 6 months,also those who want to write more then a small page of writing.For me I want to get value for my money when I write a letter,I have been writing since I was 15, I have many pen pals an I am looking to ad to these.Im happy to write to anyone anywhere all over the world,more friends makes life greater.
My interests are penpalling,reading,beading, collecting hello kitty,swapping stickers washi tapes an letter papers.
No time wasters please
I would also love some pals from Holland,America,England,Estonia,

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katherine cabeen (44) from usa:

hello I'm Kathy c I'm 45 from Iowa, Lookinig for usa snailmail pals, female only no men !!

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Jenny Anne (45) from Sweden:

Hi! I´m a 46 yo, married, mom of 2 girls (17+19 yo) looking for snailmail pals all over the world. I love to share my daily life in my long & chatty letters. I have lots of interests, for ex pets (having 3 dogs + 1 cat), music, indoordecorating, gardening, sewing, dancing, travelling and lots more. Please give me a try !!! :)

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Jacki (48) from US:

Hi there :)

I'm Jacki, 48, from the US state of Michigan. Looking for a penpal who enjoys sharing and connecting through the written word.

A bit about me ... I'm well-educated and work in the field of education. Divorced with no children. I'm an introvert and value time spent in silence every day. I love learning about others and having lived outside of the US for a few years, have an appreciation for diversity. I'm an accepting person with a 'live and let live' attitude. I feel strongly about justice & equality and am liberal-minded in terms of social issues and politics. I believe that kindness goes a long way and the world could use more of it.

Penpal preferences ... I'd like to correspond with someone who is aged 40+ and not actively raising children or grandchildren. Female or male (no romance), US or international. I would like to communicate regularly, perhaps every 3-4 months (not sure). I'm looking for someone who wants to share inner feelings and thoughts, and not just chat about what we did all day. I'd love to be able to share our experiences and worldviews.

If you think we might make good penpals, feel free to use email to introduce yourself, but I do prefer to correspond by smail mail once we start writing.

Thanks for reading my ad!

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mel maiz (42) from uk:

Hi my name is mel from the uk l would love to hear from anyone from anywhere in the world 100 percent reply l love letter writting l prefer snail mail l love to recieve letters l have children nd many hobbies l love to cook mainly cakes if u message me l tell u more about myself my life l hope to hear from u soon and start a good snail mail friendship

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Mitzi (37) from USA:

Hello my name is Mitzi and I am 37 years old. I am the mother of 4 kids soon to be 5. Looking for snail mail female penpals from all over the world. I love horror movies, camping, spending time with my family, penpalling, reading, swimming, playing video games And so much more. I swap friendship books Also.

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Wendy (50) from USA:

Hi~ my name is Wendy and I have always lived in small towns; Nebraska and Texas. I like being able to walk from library to the bank while hearing the train passing through town.

I'm divorced (3 adult kids) and am learning to survive alone for the first time.
I still have and use a VHS player, Often!
I enjoy reading true stories and inspirational books.
Being in the sunshine watching animals or people.
I like teasing/playing jokes on friends and family; a gift from my Dad.

I love to write letters and actually communicate better this way. I was never good at small talk.
Friendship with female or male. I would hope to stay in touch at least once a month. I don't care if you write a paragraph or pages. Just nothing prejudiced or racist please. I truly want to share life's ups and downs, tears and fears, along with silly fun and laughter.

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