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Michelle (36) from

Welcome to the penpal section of! This category is for penpals age 14 and under.

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Stuck for things to write about? Here are a few ideas:
- Your name, age and country
- Your hobbies, what do you enjoy doing?
- Have you been penpalling for long?
- Name some of your interests
- What are you looking for in a penpal? Email or snail mail? Long or short letters?

Happy penpalling!

Michelle from

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Jasmine (15) from Indonesia:

Hey future penpals ! My name's Jasmine and I'm an Indonesian girl who's turning 15 on March. I'd love to have lots of penpals around the world to learn about other countries, cultures, languages and also to talk about everything. I want my penpals to be a girl around my age. I'd love to have a LONG TERM FRIENDSHIP. So if you're interested in becoming my penpal please email me ;-) Thanks !

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Stephanie (14) from United States:

Hello everyone ! Im stephanie I'm 14 years old from Texas. I would like to find new friends all over the world to talk about animals, adventure, arts, music, colors, favorite foods, sports, anything and everything!!! I would to make friends from any country i love all countries i think they are very interesting to learn about. So if you would like to talk to me you can always email me i check my email everyday so i can reply quickly (:

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Florence (15) from Belgium:

I'm florence
I'm 14 years old almost 15
I look for penpal 13-15 all over the word :)
My hobby's are tennis ,gymnastic and i like music and drawing
I hope your intrested and i always replay

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Gizelle (10) from Namibia:

Hi all.

My name is Gizelle. I am a girl. I am 10 years of age and i hail from Windhoek, Namibia.

I am looking for penpals from all over the world. Preferably aged 10-11.

I am in Grade 4 this year.

can we swop postal addresses?


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chloe (10) from england:

hi I am Chloe age then from England. I love gymnastics I have done several competitions and 4 of them I have won and some I have come 2nd and 3rd I have also been on tv showing my squad dance routine. but thts not my only hobby I also play the flute and the piano and soon th drums!! I love my life

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Gerdien (13) from Netherlands:

I'm Gerdien, a girl from Holland (the Netherlands). I'm 13 years old, almost 14. I like writing stories, reading, listening to music, hang out with friends and other things. I'm looking for someone to talk with about everything. School, friends, etc.

Hope you want to e-mail with me!!

When you send me something, I reply as soon as possible

xxx Gerdien

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Shannon (14) from Australia:

Hi, my name is Shannon and I'm fourteen years old, almost fifteen. I live in Australia, I'm a girl, and love writing, reading, playing video games and horse riding. I'm trying to teach myself Spanish and I learn French at school.

I'm new to this whole penpal thing, but would love to make some friends of any age, gender and culture.


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Hillary (10) from Italy:

Hi my name is Hillary ,i sourch any friends to LetterSets because I want to have different friend by all I have. I'm from Italy and I'm 10 and the next year i go to class 5. I love reading,writing,and music too.I from Ghanabut i was born in Italy. I like school and you? How old are you? bye

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Alicia (14) from the Netherlands:

Hi my name is alicia
I'm from the netherlands
I live on the countryside. I love meeting new people from all over the world .
I'm a sailor and speesskater :)
I have an obsesion with the UK and i don't know why.
I almost like every type of music but i hate dutch music. I love movies and hanging with friends
I'm interated in your live, sports , hobbies

So if you have a little bit the same intrests or your just wanna talk email me. :) i check my emails every day so i'll answer your email as soon as possible

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